Hysteroscopy and Other Surgical Fertility Treatments Offered at our Edison, New Jersey Facility

Once the cause of your infertility has been determined, Dr. Eric Daiter will present you with the range of treatments available to help you become fertile. In many cases, surgical fertility treatments such as a hysteroscopy can correct pelvic defects. Our Edison, New Jersey fertility center is fully equipped to provide you and your partner with the most comfortable and reassuring surgical experience available.

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Hysteroscopy , performed at the New Jersey Center for Fertility, is designed to allow the doctor to view scar tissue, polyps, fibroids, and other defects located inside the uterus.

To prepare your body for the hysteroscopy procedure, Dr. Daiter will administer either a local or general anesthetic, then fill the uterus with fluid so he can easily see the inside surface. He will insert, through the cervix, a telescope-like instrument called a hysteroscope to look for uterine obstructions or abnormalities.

Depending upon the amount of abnormal tissue that needs to be examined, a hysteroscopy normally takes about 60 to 90 minutes. After the procedure, you should expect to remain in a recovery room for a few hours; arrange for someone to drive you home. Following your hysteroscopy, you should be able to resume most of your normal activities after a few days. Dr. Daiter will give you more specific instructions at the time of surgery.

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Conditions Treatable with Hysteroscopy

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Dr. Daiter uses laparoscopy to perform surgical procedures that are unable to be accomplished through hysteroscopy techniques. Although laparoscopy is one of the only fertility treatments requiring external incisions, Edison fertility specialist Eric Daiter is an experienced surgeon who can minimize scarring and recovery time.

To begin the laparoscopy procedure, Dr. Daiter will make a tiny incision (about one centimeter) in your abdomen, through which he will insert the laparoscope – a small device that contains a video camera and a light. He will use the images captured by the laparoscope to guide the movements of surgical instruments that have been inserted through one or two other small incisions. In order to maximize the visibility of the area around the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus, he will pump a small amount of carbon dioxide gas into the cavity.

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Conditions Treatable with Laparoscopy

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Male Surgery

Not all fertility treatments are designed for women. Many men in and around the Edison area have trusted Dr. Daiter to perform such delicate procedures as:

Surgical fertility treatments such as hysteroscopy can be intimidating to most couples. Dr. Eric Daiter, serving residents of Edison and all of New Jersey, strives to make the path towards conception as understandable and comforting as possible. If you and your partner are infertile and would like to know more about the possibilities of hysteroscopy and other fertility treatments, email the New Jersey Center for Fertility today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daiter.

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