Infertility Treatment Cost

Infertility treatments often cost a lot of money. Finding a physician who will help you develop an effective and affordable infertility treatment plan can allow you to become pregnant without tremendous financial stress.

At The NJ Center for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, we will thoroughly review your specific medical history, outcomes of previous infertility procedures, and your own concerns and desires. Your medical history can suggest problems that may be interfering with getting pregnant. Knowing the outcome of specific infertility treatments that have been completed is also useful. Infertility procedures include laparoscopy and hysteroscopy to repair pelvic abnormalities, fertility medications to induce or enhance ovulation, artificial insemination to help the sperm reach the egg within the fallopian tube, and ARTs like in vitro fertilization and ICSI. Having a physician who understands and respects your own concerns and desires will allow you to actively participate in developing your infertility plan and should ultimately allow you to feel more comfortable with your management plan.

Usually a range of different fertility treatment options with good chances for success will be medically appropriate. However, some of these infertility treatments may be far more expensive than others, and your medical insurance may cover only some of these treatments. Knowing your out of pocket expense for different reasonably successful options can help you decide on a plan that best fits your lifestyle and interests.

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